Hair Coloring Cost Calculator Guide for Chop Shop Beauty Salon Tijuana

Obtain an Accurate Cost for your new hair color!

You must answer all the questions in our Hair Coloring Cost Calculator and press calcualte. Also use our Hair Coloring Pricing Matrix to manually and quickly get a cost on your new Hair Color! This guide gives you step by step instruction on how to answer the 3 questions that consist of our hair salon cost calculator for your next hair coloring appointment Let’s see how to respond to each question.

Be honest and answer the question accurately, as the stylist goes through the same process when entering to ensure that the correct price is applied.

The first step to calculate your hair coloring cost is to determine your hair length.

For this, you must stand upright, let your hair down, and do your best to straighten it out. Then, then take note of where your longest hair ends and classify using our metrics as either Short, Medium, Large, Large+.
Is the longest hair shorter than the shoulders? If so, your hair length is short.

Is it between the shoulders and elbows? If so, your hair length is medium.

Longer than your elbows but shorter then wrist? If so, your hair length is long.

Below your wrists? If so, your hair length is +Long.

Remember, that our hair length system is unique and our adjectives of short, medium, long and xtra long can differ from what others classify your hair!

The Second Step is to determine we are needing to use any bleach to acheive the color or color effect you desire?

The answer will be either yes I need Bleach or No, no bleach. Are you going to choose a darker hair color or a lighter hair color? If the answer is the same color or darker, and there’s no color effect that requires lightening the hair, bleach will not be involved. So, the answer to the question would be with no bleach. If you’re going for a lighter tone, you’ll probably need bleaching. If you’re getting highlights, that usually involves bleaching, so that is a yes.

Hair Coloring Cost Calculator with Bleach or without Bleach

The third step is relating to the final appearance of the hair. Are you looking for a color effect like balayage, highlights, ombre, three-dimensional, frost, baby lights, etc.?

No, solid color, or Yes, color effect.

With these three questions, you will have the answer to the cost of hair coloring.

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Hair Coloring Cost Calculator Hair Salon Price Matrix

The Table above is our hair coloring pricing matrix.

The Hair Color pricing matrix consists of all possible prices for your next hair color.

Arrive at the price by going through the 3 step process detailed above. The first 4 rows is pricing for complete hair colors.bThe second block of numbers rows 5-8 are prices of retouches and color baths.

The maximum hair length that qualifies for a retouch is below.

Root retouches are when a client wants the same hair color as before and only has a small portion of their hair with their natural hair color.

Short hair, we can retouch up to  a maximum of 1.25 inches.

Medium: 3 inches.

Long: 5.5 inches and extra long 10 inches.

Anything longer then the lengths mentioned before, hair retouch pricing would not apply.

Even if you do fall into the necessary length to qualify for a retouch, There are also other reasons why a stylist might reccomend a full hair color versus a retouch.

Going back to full hair coloring prices and the pricing Matrix

Step 1: Pick the correct column to look at by determining whether hair is short, medium, large or large +.

2nd Step: Determine iff you want a color effect or just one solid color as your finished hair color. Narrow down your selection to the first two rows if a single color and the last two rows if its a color effect.

Step 3: At this point you shouold only have two rows to choose from. To finalize the last row that you would look, ask yourself is the color you want lighter  or darker/same then your current hair color? This will determine if you will need bleach.

After step 3, you now have one column and one row selected, find where they intersect and wallah! That is your price !

When you have your price, do not hesitate to take a screenshot or note the number and give it to us so that we can include it in your hair coloring appointment notes OR CALL 6649800910 to reserve time with a stylist!

At Chop Shop Beauty Salon, our goal is to demystify the prices behind the world of colors and color effects to provide our clients with peace of mind and an easier decision-making process.

It’s a big decision to decide on the color and style, and having a big question next to the price makes the decision harder. If you feel stressed or anxious about your hair color, many others feel the same emotions because they don’t have the answers they should have.

What happens if we cannot achieve the desired color on the same day? The stylist should be able to communicate this to you before you start. She will let you know if it can be achieved the same day, or for some, it could take two days. We will complete each visit as lightly as possible without damaging your hair. Full price is charged on the first visit. However, if the second visit if scheduled within a 30 day period, the price is half of the first visit.

Some important questions are:

What hair  colors will look good with my skin tone, style, personality, and job?

Is my hair healthy enough to achieve the color I want?

But wait, how much will my hair coloring cost?

If we can logically decide the answer to each question, your stress or anxiety about coloring your hair will be relieved.

At Chop Shop Beauty salon Tijuana, we have definitely solved one of the answers, which is “what is the cost?”

Using the Hair Coloring Cost Calculator, it is easy to see 16 different costs. Each depending on the length of your hair and the color or color effect you desire.

Answer 3 questions and you will have the exact cost in front of you in less than a minute.

Once you have all the answers, you will feel confident with your decision.
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