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 Hair Cuts | Hair Colors | Hair Treatments | Hair Styling

Woman Cutting hair in Beauty Salon

Hair Cut

  • $360mxn
  • Any Style Cut
  • Includes Wash & Dry
  • Childeren: $180 – $360mxn
  • Men Cut: 180mxn
    • Cut & Beard: 360mxn
Woman with Copper Color Hair Color

Hair Color

  • Process Driven Pricing
  • Prices available online
  • Starts at $750mxn
  • Many Brands of Colors Availale
  • Specialist available for complex styles and processed hair
Woman needing a hair cut!

Hair Treatments

  • Wide Selection of Treatments to improve hair health and treat underlying issues
  • Treatments and Bonding Agents to complete complex hair coloring and prevent damage
  • Treatments that Assist in Permanent Hair Styling
  • Treatments availabel for Purchase: Hair Health, Hair Protection, Color Protection, Hair Strength and much more
Woman after Hair Treatment in Beauty Salon Tijuana

Hair Styling

Event Hair Styling

    • Daily Hair Styling – Essential Package
    • Social Event Hair Styling- Estetica Package
    • Lifetime Events like Wedding Styling – Elegante Package
    • Permanent Hair Styling
  • Permanent Hair Styling
    • Permanent hair Straightening with Keratin – Alaciado
    • Permanent waivy Hair
    • Permanent Curly Hair
Woman with Permanent Straightened Hair

Hair Extensions

  • 100% Real Human Hair Extensions
  • Wide Variety of Hair Lengths Available: 14 inches – 28 inches
  • Variety of colors available: Blondes, Browns, Reds, Black and other shades. 
  • Hair extensions  can be colored and styled to ensure perfect matching
  • Hair is quoted in bundles of 50 grams. Depending on the hair extension desired, we can check for prepped and unprepped hair extensions
  • Supply is variable and this product has frequent price changes. Therefore pricing is quoted daily to ensure competitive pricing
  • If you want the hair extension installed, we do this too!
  • Stylists will reccomend best methods to prepare and install the extension to your current hair. The stylist will reccomend hair coloring if necessary to give the desired appeareance you want. Chop Shop Hair Coloring process and prices apply just as if it was your natural hair
  • Same day extension purchase and installation available but not guaranteed as it depends on availability and schedules.
  • If extension needs to be purchased based on your desired criteria, we receive a deposit for the amount the extension before it is purchased and delivered to the Salon. Extensions are typically delivered to the Hair Salon in less then 24 hours after the deposit has been made.

Obtain the price of your hair color right now! Right here!

Chop Shop tijuana Combines technology, a poven process, and some logic to modernize the whole experience of hair coloring! Remember, Prices are in MXN, mexican peso but we do accepted other currencies too.

See the prices of your hair color in the table below after you determine your length and color using the explanation right after the table below!

 Use our easy 3 question process (Located below the table of prices)  to find out which price applies to you!

Hair Coloring Prices in Tijuana Chop Shop Hair Salon

Step 1: Length of Hair:             (No Ruler or Measuring table necessary)

Hair Salon Hair Length Guide

Only 4 lengths and each length is defined by the proportions of your body. Must stand straight and have hair and arms fully extended.

Length: Short, Medium, Long or Extra Long. Blue Zone = Short: Shoulders or Higher. Pink Zone = Medium: Between shoulders and elbow is medium length.
Red Zone = Large: Elbow to the wrist.
Yellow Zone = Extra Long: Hair surpasses wrist when arm and hair is fully extended.

Step 2: Ask yourself, do you need decoloration?


Bleach for Hair Salon in Tijuana

Do you need the color lighter? The answer is Yes or No. Yes indicates you need bleach. No indicates that bleach would not be necessary.

Step 3) Are wanting one solid color or an effect of color

The color of your hair is one color or are you looking for an effect of color like highlights, Balayage, Tridemensional Color effect, Flamboyage. The answer here is either 1 color or 2) Effect of Color


Less then 1 minute and you will have the exact price of your hair color

Hair Treatments at Tijuana’s Hair Salon – Chop Shop

Treatments – What are you looking to ahceive or enhance with your hair? We have a variety of take-home & in salon treatments to meet your specific hair goals.

Beauty Salon Tijuana
Color Treatments

Treatments that can help bonding of hair and color agents. Treatments that can strengthen the hair before a color. Treatments that can preserve color after a hair color has been peformed.

Blow Dryer Icon
Hair Repair and Conditioning

Treatments designed to provide moisturing and nourishing to repair dry, damaged or over-processed hair.

Hair Texture and Smoothing:
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Hair Volume and Thickness:
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Hair Styling in Tijuana’s Hair Salon

Are you looking for a quicker, temporary solution for your day or an elabroate event you have? Or do you want a permanent hair style effect?

Daily Event Hair Styling


Daily Hair Styling: Essential Styling


Efficient, perfect for important days. Straight hair, wave, simple braiding or express drying Includes washing and drying. (Perfect to see you well every day)

Event Hair Styling: Estetic



  Perfect for social eventsAll kinds of straight, waves, Chinese, braids and any style of ironing. Includes washing and drying. (Perfect for social events)

Blow Dryer Icon
Event Hair Styling: Elegant

There are no limits, whatever type of hairstyle you want, includes washing and drying (Perfect for Weddings) Price x 2 if you want a test before the important event Weddings, 15 years, etc. $800/mxn

Permanent Hair Styling Treatments


Blow Dryer Icon
Smoothing and Straightening with Keratin

Gorgeous straight, shiny, frizz-free, hair that lasts months.

Nail Salon mirros

Enhance your hair style with permanent waves or curls using permanent wavy hair treatment and the appropriate size and shape hair curling iron.

Hair Smoothing and Permanent Straightening in Tijuana


Enhancing the client experience by perfecting the process

We have an eye for timeless style and beauty. Pair this with our  our ability to create a process with structured pricing. It easy to see why we are the #1 Beauty Salon in Tijuana. The stylists that provide our beauty services are carefuly vetted and tested to ensure compliance with our standards in regards to quality work, and also adhering to our process

Trending Hair Colors and styles come and go but detail and quality never leave.

.Chop Shop hair Salon knows the importance of keeping updated on all the Trending Hair Styles. In our blog we providing trending styles and also in-person when our clients ask us for reccomendations, many of them are popular desirable styles of the year.  We will note that there is one trend that never seems to leave which is quality, detail oriented work. That trend seems to be desired by all our clients and when the stylsits give the attention and the detail, clients always want more.

Trending Hair Styles and Colors