Permanent Wavy Hairstyle at Hair Salon in Tijuana

The wavy hair is definitely a trend this season, and it looks great on all hair lengths: short, medium, and long. It’s a style that fits perfectly into your daily life, romantic outings, and even evening events. Say goodbye to daily hair damage from heat styling! That’s why we bring you the preferred option for 2023, the partial permanent waves. Permanent Wavy Hairstyle at Hair Salon Chop Shop we’ll save you a large amount of time! You’ll enjoy a perfect hairstyle for any occasion every day. If you have some common hairstyle problems, then read on, as we have the solution for you.

Common Issues while styling hair at home

  • Do you love relaxed waves, beachy waves, or water waves, but they fall out quickly?
  • Is your hair too straight, thin, or heavy, so the waves don’t last long?
  • When you try to create waves following tutorials, does your hair end up with doll-like curls or uneven waves?
  • Do you love wavy hairstyles, but they don’t last, and your hair looks half-done before you reach your event?

The partial permanent waves at Chop Shop Hair Salon in Tijuana, We have the perfect alternative to achieve the hairstyle you desire: the partial permanent waves.

Permanent Wavy Hairstyle at Chop Shop Hair Salon in Tijuana

On average, creating wavy hair takes about 30-60 minutes every day. With partial permanent waves, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting style for 3-4 months, reducing significant heat styling time, resulting in stronger, healthier, and more beautiful hair. This new style will add volume, movement, and shine to your hair, giving you the best waves, whether your hair is short, medium, or long.

Sign me up! What’s the process?

Permanent Wavy Hairstyle at Chop Shop Hair Salon in Tijuana

To achieve this style, our stylist will apply a chemical lotion for the permanent waves. They will use wide rods vertically from the ends or mid-lengths (depending on your preference). The chemical lotion we use is hypoallergenic, suitable for all hair types and designed for sensitive skin, ensuring no damage to your skin. The process takes around 1-2 hours, and once finished, you’ll notice the relaxed waves you love. The best part is, you’ll only need 1 or 2 touch-ups per year.

It’s recommended not to wash your hair for the first 48 hours after the procedure to allow the chemical lotion to penetrate each hair and complete its new structure. This option is suitable for any hair type and a maximum length of 30 cm, as longer hair might become heavy and lose the waves. You might notice your hair feels slightly dehydrated; therefore, we can apply a Rigen hair mask from Alfaparf for processed hair. It’s perfect for sealing split ends, increasing silkiness, repairing, and adding shine to your hair. Alternatively, if you prefer hydration only, you can opt for the Moroccanoil hair mask, which is composed of argan oil, also known as liquid gold, rich in antioxidants for an immediate transformation.

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