Do you have unruly eyebrows? Are you constantly touching up your eyebrows throughout the day? Are you confident that both eyebrows are shaped evenly? If the answers to tehse questions are not all positive ones, Eyebrow Lamination can be the solution you need! Believe it or not, having the right eyebrow shape is essential to enhance your facial features as it frames your gaze. It’s frustrating to spend so much time, makeup, gels, pomades, eyeshadows, pencils, eyeliners, and more. Time to explore an eyebrow lamination at Tijuana Beauty Salon


Chop Shop Beauty Salon recommends considering a more efficient and effective alternative: eyebrow lamination.

But before we proceed with the process, a key point is to determine the ideal eyebrow shape for you.

Eyebrow Shaping

The shaping is reccomended based on the shape of your face: round, diamond, triangular, square, oval, elongated, rectangular, and heart-shaped. We understand that it can be a bit complicated to determine the best eyebrow shape for you, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you choose the best shape. Our stylists are experts at giving you the the details you want to ensure your look is a natural fit.

Now that you’ve chosen the most suitable shape, you’ll be ready for us to assist you with eyebrow lamination.

Time to complete your eyebrow lamination

Don’t worry; it only takes 30 minutes. The materials we use contain keratin, which will help it last for up to 8 weeks, nourishing the hair and making it look shiny and radiant. You’ll no longer need to apply makeup, and you’ll naturally look more beautiful.

To save even more time, we reccomend that you book your eyebrow lamination appointment so you are attended to promptly. We accept same-day reservations too!

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